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Benefits of application

The specific value of the effect depends primarily on the initial state. If the engine has a significant degree of the wear, if the quality of motor oils and fuels has not always been high, but the engine is still “alive” – there is no catastrophic oil consumption, crankcase pressure is not very large and …

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Pile of documents - legal

Products Datasheets (COC)

Product Datasheets (or Certificate of Conformity) is document confirming that the product does meet all required specifications.

Save money save planet

Protect, save and preserve

EVERYTHING WE DO, WE DO TO PROTECT, SAVE AND PRESERVE  Protect environment  Save money and labour  Prolong lifespan of products  Lower usage of resources (fuel etc.)  Curb harmful environmental impacts WHY: It’s all about people and environment Humanity has a huge impact on the ecology of our planet. Enormous amount of single use plastic, greenhouse …

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Smoking vehicle

Why engines smoke, eat oil and have a high fuel consumption. The laid-back guide

During driving, your engine and other car parts are constantly damaged by friction. Nope, not fiction. Friction, that’s just a fancy word describing constant rubbing of moving parts (eg. pistons against combustion chambers). Yep, the engine is actually designed to damage itself when it’s working. Oh, gosh. Spoiler alert: The following part describes in layman terms …

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Oil additives - Atomium

What is Atomium for?

What is Atomium? Atomium is a brand name of tribotechnical compounds developed to restore work properties of car engines, transmissions, reducers and other mechanisms containing moving parts. These compounds reduce fuel consumption, restore power and increase thrust and acceleration, smoother the ride, lower noise and prolong lifespan of treated parts by 100+%. Compounds are added …

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how atomium works

How Atomium works

Tribotechnical compounds are using unique ability of minerals sourced from Karelia in north-west region of Russia. Their unique attributes slash impact of friction. WHAT IS FRICTION AND HOW IT OCCURS? Friction is an abrasive process occurring between two surfaces sliding against each other. On the outside both surfaces might appear solid, however on the micro …

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