Save money save planet

Protect, save and preserve

  •  Protect environment
  •  Save money and labour
  •  Prolong lifespan of products
  •  Lower usage of resources (fuel etc.)
  •  Curb harmful environmental impacts

WHY: It’s all about people and environment

Humanity has a huge impact on the ecology of our planet. Enormous amount of single use plastic, greenhouse effect caused by emissions of industries and transportation. Increasing amount of waste. Depleting resources to replace perfectly functionable items with brand new items, instead of repairing the older ones. Behaviours like this are creating unsustainable conditions, directly threatening our survival.

The change must come from each of us

HOW: Challenge waste, utilise resources

Problems to solve
  •  Vehicles are often replaced too early, generating unnecessary waste and depleting our nonrenewable resources
  • Fuel consumption of older vehicles is gradually increasing due to wear and tear of engine parts
  • Emissions are higher not only because of higher fuel consumption, but also because of worsening combustion
  • Noise affects wildlife around the roads
  • Vibrations are gradually destroying roads, forcing further damage to environment
Possible solutions

There are only two viable ways to reduce impact of human behaviour on our planet.

Two solutions for change
  •  Stop/restrict actions harmful to environment
  • Lower negative impact of all current actions
Ethical way to implement

Problem with each of those solutions is, who and how will determine which actions or behaviours are to be stopped or restricted? It cannot be determined and enforced centrally, because the result will be totalitarian regime on the par with Stalin or Hitler. This is what current radical ‘eco-warriors’ are aiming towards and this should be worrying to anyone who values democracy and freedom.

The other way is to leave everything to the free will of every individual. The problem is that this will lead only to chaos and gradual destruction of the earth’s ecosystem, because it would take very long time of campaigning before enough people would feel compelled to do something.

The only solution is combination of those two.

Use campaigning (both, by private initiatives and by governments) to raise awareness for people to understand the gravity of the situation. And as soon as the majority of people will agree on certain solutions, pass the laws compelling the change of behaviour from those, who do not see the need by themselves.

And that’s called democracy.

Reduce future amount of harmful actions

As a long term solution we shall start by implementing solutions to reduce the amount of travel, produced goods, used energy etc. It will lower consumption of resources, production of pollutants and reduce harmful effects. New technologies and better processes will play leading role in reducing our future impact on environment.

We must move towards making goods which last, not single or short term use products. Our consumer oriented society is focused on constant upgrades and modernisation. Therefore, producers have no need to manufacture goods with high endurance and long lifespan. Actually, it’s much more profitable for them to make sure your products break down quickly.

What each of us can do

The way out of this fix is tho buy goods, which last. Share reviews, recommend to others quality goods. Support those, who focus on sustainability and environmental protection. Manufacturers and retailers will get the message when it hits their receiving accounts.

This is a long term solution, As such, it will take a long term to implement. Producers will have to amend whole operations. All the old goods will gradually need to be replaced with new ones. Even after one big push, it will have to be continuous effort for the future. The quick action we all can take is to immediately lower impact of our current actions.

Lower negative impact of current actions

Not everyone can afford to change all their goods immediately. Nor it should be done. Manufacturing new goods have often much higher impact on environment than prolonged use of old ones. Furthermore, current products can often be altered to reduce their harmful effects.

There are many products and services aimed at prolonging lifespan of goods and making them more environmentally friendly where possible. Theis effort is to be encouraged and embraced. And here is, where comes Atomium Ltd. in a play.

WHAT: Products saving planet and money

Any product we bring on the market has to fulfill following criteria:

  1. It’s overal impact must be eco-friendly
  2. It’s designed to lower harmful effects of currently used processes or products
  3. It will save money for it’s users
  4. It will reduce waste, either by prolonging usage of the products or by making them more efficient, or both

And that is the reason, why we are distributing Atomium additives