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How Atomium works?

Technology. Principle of action.

What is Atomium

Which parts of your vehicle is Atomium designed for.


Restore, protect and save money on repairs and fuel.

Easter 2020 deals

£5 OFF on orders £25+ For a limited time during spring every order over £25 qualifies for a discount of £5. To claim, use code GET5 during checkout. T&C apply, discount can be used only once per customer.Offer ends on 1st May 2020. Free postage for all For the start of…

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Easter bunny

Car engine running without oil.

Roadshow in Germany.

Why engines smoke, eat oil and have a high fuel consumption. The laid-back guide

During driving, your engine and other car parts are constantly damaged by friction. Nope, not fiction. Friction, that’s just a fancy word describing constant rubbing of moving parts (eg. pistons against combustion chambers). Yep, the engine is actually designed to damage itself when it’s working. Oh, gosh. Spoiler alert: The following part describes in layman terms the workings of the engine. So if you are a pro, you can skip that. Or you can read it just to get good laugh or to catch me up on some kind of nonsense and after rub it around my nose. Yik. To protect…

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Smoking vehicle

Lower fuel consumption